Vol 84, No 2 (2013)

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A clinico-pathological evaluation of 194 patients with ovarian teratoma: 7-year experience in a single center

Omer Demirtas, Behiye Seda Hursitoglu, Gulsah Selvi Demirtas
DOI: 10.17772/gp/1549
Ginekol Pol 2013;84(2).


Objectives: To evaluate patients diagnosed with teratoma over a period of seven years with regard to their general characteristics and treatment methods. Material and Methods: A total of 194 patients histologically diagnosed with ovarian teratoma (mature or immature) in the years 2005-2012 at the Ege University Gynecology and Obstetrics Department were evaluated. Results: Average patient age was 34.3 ± 2.16 years. Of these, 169 (86.3%) were premenopausal and 27 (13.7%) postmenopausal; average cyst diameter, measured during the surgery, was 6.9 ± 0.63 cm. While the teratoma had been an asymptomatic finding in 148 (75.5%) patients, 48 (24.5%) were symptomatic. In 107 patients (54.5%) a laparotomy and in 89 (45.5%) a laparoscopy were performed. The presence of torsion was observed during surgery in 9 (4.5%) patients. The 49 (55%) patients who underwent laparoscopic cystectomy experienced a rupture during the intervention, with no cases of clinical chemical peritonitis following the surgery. Conclusion: Caution must be exercised with regard to possible cyst rupture in elderly patients and those with large dermoids; an laparoscopic approach may be reserved for younger patients. In case a rupture occurs during the operation, abundant peritoneal lavage is indicated; in order to limit risks during the controlled excision of the cyst an Endobag should be used if possible.

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