Vol 84, No 8 (2013)

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Giant recurrent perineal endometriosis in an episiotomy scar – a case report

Katarzyna Luterek, Ewa Barcz, Leszek Bablok, Zbigniew Wierzbicki
DOI: 10.17772/gp/1631
Ginekol Pol 2013;84(8).


The occurrence of perineal endometriotic lesions can be explained by mechanical dissemination and transplantation of endometrial cells. Viable decidual endometrial cells are likely to be transplanted into the episiotomy wounds or perineal tears during normal vaginal delivery and subsequent growth may occur. A case of a 33-year old woman with a medical history of recurrent perineal endometriosis was described. An endometriotic giant mass (8 centimeter in diameter) was wide-excised, together with the episiotomy scar. The recovery was uneventful. Three years after the surgery, the patient is symptom-free and with no signs of recurrence or discomfort. According to the literature and our own experience, a complete excision of endometriotic tissue is the treatment of choice. We can conclude that a wide excision is mandatory as it is the only way to prevent tumor recurrence.

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