Vol 84, No 9 (2013)

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Clinical significance of lymph node micrometastases in cervical cancer

Marcin Śniadecki, Sambor Sawicki, Marcin Liro, Dariusz Wydra, Szymon Wojtylak
DOI: 10.17772/gp/1641
Ginekol Pol 2013;84(9).


In most cancers of epithelial origin, metastases to the lymph nodes constitute the most important prognostic factor and are predictive of the results of the surgical and adjuvant therapies. Data on the lymph node status allows to design an appropriate treatment plan. Despite advances in gynecologic oncology, the importance of lymph node micrometastases in cervical cancer, especially in nonsentinel lymph nodes which are detected by ultrastaging, has not been fully elucidated. The purpose of the article is to familiarize the reader with the state of current knowledge on cervical cancer micrometastases. The authors attempt to answer the question about the benefits of lymph node assessment in the search for micrometastases in cervical cancer, as well as to address emerging doubts.

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