Vol 84, No 9 (2013)

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SUVmax measured by 18F FDG PET/CT in the primary tumor in relations to clinical and pathological features of endometrial cancer

Małgorzata Walentowicz-Sadłecka, Paweł Sadłecki, Bogdan Małecki, Paweł Walentowicz, Andrzej Marszałek, Piotr Domaracki, Marek Grabiec
DOI: 10.17772/gp/1634
Ginekol Pol 2013;84(9).


The aim: The aim of the study was to determine the value of SUVmax by PET/CT measured before surgery with special focus on FIGO stage, myometrial invasion, grading and risk stratification. Methods: A total of 90 women, aged 37-84 (mean 65.1± 9.5) with endometrial cancer (FIGO I and II) underwent 18F FDG PET/CT imaging before surgery. SUVmax of the primary tumor was assessed and compared with histological prognostic factors (FIGO stage, grading, myometrial invasion, risk group). Results: The mean SUVmax in the study group was 13.95 ± 5.49. SUVmax was significantly higher with high FIGO stage (p=0,0009), deep myometrial invasion (p=0.0005), high grade (p=0.0331) and high risk tumors (0.0007). Patients with the poor prognosis had significantly higher SUVmax values. Conclusions: The preoperative SUVmax measurements of the primary tumor of endometrial cancer may give additional clinical and prognostic information about risk factors and poor prognosis. High value of SUVmax might be useful in making noninvasive diagnoses and deciding the appropriate therapeutic strategy for patients with endometrial cancer. However, there is not enough evidence that it could in fact replace surgical staging.

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