Vol 84, No 11 (2013)

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Expression of E-cadherin and β1-integrin mRNA in endometrial cancer

Katarzyna Wójcik-Krowiranda, Ewa Forma, Agnieszka Zaczek, Magdalena Bryś, Magdalena Krześlak, Andrzej Bieńkiewicz
DOI: 10.17772/gp/1659
Ginekol Pol 2013;84(11).


Objectives: The metastatic ability of tumors is characteristic for malignant neoplasms and constitutes the main cause of therapeutics failures. Metastasis formation involves the sequence of processes such as proteolytic degradation of the basement membrane, migration, intravasation, extravasation, proliferation and angiogenesis. Cadherins and integrins are groups of proteins directly involved in these processes. In the present study we analyzed the mRNA expression of CDH1 and ITGB1 genes by real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The study included 106 endometrial carcinomas. CDH1 and ITGB1 mRNA expression was found in all of the studied samples. Generally, the CDH1 and ITGB1 mRNA expression was significantly higher in well-differentiated rather than poorly differentiated tumors. Materials and methods: The mRNA expression levels of CDH1 and ITGB1 in series of 83 samples of endometrial carcinoma were studied by real time RT-PCR method. Statistical analysis of the obtained results was performed. Results: CDH1 and ITGB1 gene expression was observed in all examined tissues and was correlated with cancer malignancy (G). In high grade malignant tumors (G1), CDH1 and ITGB1 gene expression was the highest, in G2 and G3 tumors the expression of both genes was gradually lowering. Moreover, the statistically significant correlation between CDH1 and ITGB1 gene expression was observed. (Spearman test, r=0.29, p<0.01). Conclusion: CDH1 and ITGB1 mRNA expression seems to be an important marker of cancer progression and metastases in endometrial malignant tumors.

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