Vol 85, No 9 (2014)

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Maternal blood intrauterine transfusions in the therapy of red-cell alloimmunization performed in three difficult cases

Anna Kucińska-Chahwan, Diana Massalska, Julia Bijok, Magdalena Rudzińska, Grzegorz Jakiel, Tomasz Roszkowski, Izabella Kopeć, Lech Rzymkiewicz
DOI: 10.17772/gp/1796
Ginekol Pol 2014;85(9).


Maternal alloimmunization can lead to hemolytic anemia, hydrops fetalis and even fetal or neonatal death. Intrauterine treatment is possible and effective even though it is associated with some risk. We present a rare method of maternal blood intrauterine transfusions in the therapy of three difficult cases of erythroblastosis fetalis. The aim of this report was to present an alternative to volunteer donors. In severe cases, i.e. in the absence of matching blood types from the donor, in the presence of multiple alloantibodies in the pregnant woman or if multiple transfusions are required, this can be the only therapeutic option. To the best of our knowledge, this has been the first publication on maternal blood donation for intrauterine transfusion in the Polish literature.

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