Vol 87, No 3 (2016)
Review paper
Published online: 2016-04-13

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Regenerative medicine- techniques and methods of administering autologous derived stem cells in urinary incontinence

Klaudia Stangel-Wojcikiewicz, Maciej Petko, Konrad Kobus, Marcin Majka, Tomasz Gołąbek, Piotr Chłosta, Antoni Basta
DOI: 10.17772/gp/60973
Pubmed: 27306130
Ginekol Pol 2016;87(3):205-210.


The aim of the work is to present regenerative medicine achievement as an alternative SUI treatment and the variety of injected cells type as well as injection techniques itself with the analysis of their quality and possible the mechanism in which they reduce urinary incontinence symptoms.

For over a decade numerous authors declare use of different type of autologous mesenchymal-derived stem cells (AMDC) in male and female SUI. The leakage improvement reached 80%, despite the number of injected cells as well as the injection technique. Important subject in the AMDC treatment is the precise cell material injection into the selected spot which might be possible with the use of the endoscopic assisting robot.

The robotic supported system for cells procedure might bring the missing percentage in reaching the goal in SUI treatment.  

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