Vol 10, No 1 (2024)
Review paper
Published online: 2024-02-16

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The effect of isotretinoin therapy on the circulatory system

Paula Banderowicz1, Agnieszka Roszyk1, Natalia Wierzbowska1, Michalina Rodak1
Forum Dermatologicum 2024;10(1):10-17.


Isotretinoin is a drug belonging to the group of retinoids, which is mainly used in dermatology. Through its mechanism of action, it leads to a reduction in sebum production, which effectively inhibits the formation of acne. Unfortunately, this drug exhibits numerous side effects. This study aimed to review the literature in terms of clinical cases and articles on the side effects of isotretinoin in the context of the cardiovascular system. It has been proven that isotretinoin can harm the circulatory system, causing changes in the structure of the heart walls, thromboembolic episodes, coronary events and lipid metabolism disorders. Further clinical trials are needed to better understand these side effects.

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