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Published online: 2023-05-05

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The azygos lobe, an incidental finding in computer tomography

Ewa Toruńska1, Łukasz Klepacki1


The azygos lobe is an anatomical variant of the upper lobe, which occurs most often in the right lung. Atypical course of the azygos vein is formed during embryogenesis, while the precursor of this vein migrates through the lung and creates the azygos fissure. Despite its rare occurrence, this variation is well described. This article presents a case of 62-year-old male with the azygos lobe, which was found accidentally in the computer tomography. The knowledge about the azygos vein is significant for surgeons, because it might reduce iatrogenic damage and help them avoid unexpected bleeding during thoracic surgery. The azygos vein might be confused with pathological conditions. It might also be associated with lung cancers, pneumothorax and congenital abnormalities. Despite the fact that the azygos lobe is well known variant, dissemination of knowledge about it is still inadequate.

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