Vol 64, No 2 (2005)
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Published online: 2005-03-03

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Anatomical observations on os inca and associated cranial deformities

S Das, R Suri, V Kapur
Folia Morphol 2005;64(2):118-121.


The present study describes the presence of os inca, incomplete metopic suture with asymmetrical frontal sinuses and multiple sutural deformities in a skull bone. Os inca has been reported to be associated with other cranial deformities. However, the present study, besides reporting os inca and associated sutural abnormalities, also highlights the presence of an unusual pterion in such cases. The aim is to provide anatomical insight into the morphology of sutures, frontal sinuses and associated cranial abnormalities. These are important findings which may be relevant for surgeons and radiologists in clinical practice

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