Thiocyanate concentration in saliva of cystic fibrosis patients.

Łukasz Minarowski, Dorota Sands, Alina Minarowska, Alicja Karwowska, Anetta Sulewska, Marek Gacko, Elzbieta Chyczewska


Thiocyanates (SCN-) are ubiquitous in nature. There are indispensable part of host defense system that act as a substrate for lactoperoxidase (LPO). In our study we present initial data on SCN- concentration in saliva of CF patients in comparison to healthy non-smokers and healthy smokers. 5 ml of saliva was collected from each subject to a sterile tube and thiocyanate concentration was measured in each sample. The results of the measurements are presented on Fig. 1. Mean concentration of SCN- in saliva of CF patients was 0.031 +/- 0.0052 g/l, in healthy non-smokers 0.039 +/- 0.0048 g/l and in healthy smokers 0.048 +/- 0.0161 g/l. The differences between each group were statistically significant. Studies on larger group of patients and probably on different material (BALF or induced sputum) should present interesting data complementing the in vitro studies.

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