Vol 50, No 2 (2012)
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Published online: 2012-07-05

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The concentrations of soluble HLA-G protein are elevated during mid-gestation and decreased in pre-eclampsia

Dorota Darmochwal-Kolarz, Bogdan Kolarz, Jacek Rolinski, Bozena Leszczynska-Gorzelak, Jan Oleszczuk
DOI: 10.5603/FHC.2012.0023
Folia Histochem Cytobiol 2012;50(2):286-291.


The aim of our study was to investigate the dynamics of the alterations of soluble human leukocyte antigen-G (sHLA-G) concentrations in sera of healthy non-pregnant women, as well as healthy pregnant women and patients with pre-eclampsia. Thirty five patients with pre-eclampsia, 52 healthy pregnant women, and 24 healthy non-pregnant women were included in the study. Sera concentrations of sHLA-G protein were determined using the immunoenzymatic ELISA method. Statistical analysis was performed using ANOVA and Mann–Whitney U tests. The concentrations of sHLA-G protein in sera of pregnant women in the first, as well as the second and third, trimesters of normal pregnancy were significantly higher in comparison with healthy nonpregnant women. The sera concentrations of sHLA-G in pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy were significantly higher compared to the first and third trimesters. The concentrations of sHLA-G in sera of patients with pre-eclampsia were significantly lower than in pregnant women in the third trimester of physiological pregnancy. The results of our study suggest that normal physiological pregnancy is associated with elevated sera concentrations of sHLA-G molecule. The increased concentrations of sHLA-G molecule in mid-gestation could suggest a role for the protein in the second phase of a physiological invasion of extravillous cytotrophoblast to spiral arteries. Furthermore, the results could suggest a role for the decreased sera concentrations of sHLA-G in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia.

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