Vol 68, No 3 (2017)
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Published online: 2017-06-21

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Cinacalcet as symptomatic treatment of hypercalcaemia in primary hyperparathyroidism prior to surgery

Waldemar Misiorowski1, Wojciech Zgliczyński1
Pubmed: 28660989
Endokrynol Pol 2017;68(3):306-310.


Intriduction: The aim of presented study was to assess the efficacy of cinacalcet in reducing serum calcium concentrations in primary hyperparathyroid (PHPT) patients with hypercalcaemia exceeding 12.5 mg/dL, awaiting parathyroidectomy.

Material and methods: The study included 23 patients with PHPT with hypercalcaemia > 12.5 mg/dL, qualified for surgery. We recorded clinical and biochemical data at baseline, and after every week of treatment. We also monitored adverse events. Cinacalcet was adminis­tered in increasing doses until the corrected serum calcium concentration was 11.3 mg/dL or less, the patient reached the highest possible dosage of 90 mg four times daily, or the patient experienced an adverse event that precluded further dosage increases.

Results: The primary end point of reduction in corrected serum calcium concentration to 11.3 mg/dL was achieved in 19 patients (83%), and normocalcaemia (S-Ca < 10.3 mg/dL) was achieved in 55% of patients. The medication was usually well tolerated (83.4%). Most common adverse events were nausea and vomiting, especially at the beginning of therapy; however, only one patient withdrew from the study because of adverse events.

Conclusion: Cinacalcet rapidly reduced serum calcium in PHPT patients with severe hypercalcaemia and can be useful as a short-term pretreatment prior to surgery, allowing the completion of diagnostics and safe awaiting for operation.


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