Vol 11, No 6 (2022)
Published online: 2022-12-28

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Thank You to Our Reviewers

Viral N. Shah12
Clin Diabetol 2022;11(6):355.


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ISSN 2450–7458
e-ISSN 2450–8187

Thank You to Our Reviewers

Viral N. Shah12
1Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Diabetology
2Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Unites States

With the advent of 2022 under the guidance of new editors, ‘Clinical Diabetology’ (CD) has moved forward to become a better and more influential scientific journal in its field. The challenges of 2021 have been resolved and almost every aspect of this bimonthly journal has improved. For example, the optimization of Author Guidance, timeliness, scientific quality of published papers, and their website presentation.

As the new Editor-in-Chief, I am aware there is still room for improvement, but I would like to take this opportunity to again thank all the international experts and friends who accepted an invitation to participate in this exciting venture and who supported me throughout this first year. With such new spirit and enthusiasm, I am sure we will reach our next aims and objectives.

The editors wish to thank all the authors who submitted articles to our journal. However, in this brief note I want to specifically credit our growing family of national and international reviewers, as we are all aware that the success of any scientific journal highly depends on the engagement and critical assessment of submitted work.

Thus, we are very much indebted to all our reviewers who dedicated their time and expertise over the course of 2022. A complete list of all 2022 reviewers is published every January on our Clinical Diabetology website and is easily accessible from the main page via shortcuts.

In recognition to our reviewers, in January 2023 the Editorial Office will be providing individual reviewer’s certificates to confirm everyone’s contribution to ‘Clinical Diabetology’ in 2022.

On behalf of all our team, I wish you and your families the best season’s greetings as well as prosperity throughout 2023!