Vol 23, No 5 (2016)
Published online: 2016-07-20

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Nutrition and lifestyle in patients pharmacologically treated due to hypertension

Mirosław Jarosz, Diana Wolańska, Hanna Stolińska, Wioleta Respondek, Longina Kłosiewicz-Latoszek
Pubmed: 27439369
Cardiol J 2016;23(5):491-496.


Background: Proper nutrition and physical activity are together an important way of non-pharmacological treatment of arterial hypertension. The aim of the study was to answer the question whether patients with hypertension use non-pharmacological methods of hypertension treatment.

Methods: The study included a group of 280 patients aged 18–85, suffering from hypertension. In the study, 10 nutritional and non-nutritional factors affecting the treatment of hypertension were analyzed. Data regarding the diet were collected by a method of 24-h recall. Basic anthropometric measurements (body weight, body height, waist and hip circumference) were taken, as well as threefold measurement of blood pressure. The data were statistically analyzed.

Results: The average value of blood pressure was 131.2 ± 15.5/82.9 ± 10.5 mm Hg. Approximately 90% of the respondents had abnormal body weight, i.e. excessive weight or obesity. Abdominal obesity according to waist hip ratio assessment was diagnosed in 87% of women and 66% of men; according to the measurement of waist circumference, it was diagnosed in 140 (81%) women and 88 (81%) men. Among the ingredients with antihypertensive effect, the sodium intake was 4,417.8 ± 2,052.7 mg/d, which when converted to salt is on average 11 g/d, potassium: 3,808.5 ± 1,265.7 mg/d, calcium: 724.6 ± 413.7 mg/d, and magnesium: 383.9 ± 139.3 mg/d. One in 5 (18%) people declared smoking. Only 5% of subjects reported high level of physical activity.

Conclusions: In persons with diagnosed hypertension, vast majority of patients did not implement non-pharmacological hypertension treatment.

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