Vol 19, No 1 (2012)
Case Reports
Published online: 2012-02-02

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Myocardial infarction secondary to unintentional ingestion of hydrogen peroxide

Yahya Islamoglu, Habib Cil, Zuhal Atilgan, Mehmet Ali Elbey, Ebru Tekbas, Mehmet Yazici
Cardiol J 2012;19(1):86-88.


Ingestion of acid-containing household products, either accidentally or as a suicide attempt, is a common form of intoxication. A clear and odorless liquid, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent found in most households and many industrial environments. Cardiovascular manifestations of hydrogen peroxide ingestion are extremely rare. Here we report a 60 year-old woman with acute inferolateral myocardial infarction (MI) after hydrogen peroxide ingestion, who had no history of coronary artery disease. Physicians dealing with hydrogen peroxide ingestion in the emergency department should be aware of the probability of MI and obtain an electrocardiogram, even if the patient has no cardiac complaint. (Cardiol J 2012; 19, 1: 86–88)

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