Vol 14, No 1 (2007)
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Published online: 2006-12-01

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Knowledge of antithrombotic prophylaxis among patients with atrial fibrillation

Krzysztof Rewiuk, Stefan Bednarz, Piotr Faryan i Tomasz Grodzicki
Cardiol J 2007;14(1):44-49.


Background: Effective and safe anticoagulative therapy needs close co-operation between doctor and patient, the latter being well-informed. The aim of the study was to assess knowledge of oral anticoagulation in a group of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) treated with acenocoumarol and to determine the relationship between knowledge and INR value.
Method: The study group consisted of patients with AF who were continuously using anticoagulative therapy and who were admitted to hospital (for different reasons). The questionnaire comprised questions about their knowledge of various aspects of the treatment used. In the assessment of knowledge a numerical scale was introduced (0–9 points) and the patients were given one point for each correct answer.
Results: The study group consisted of 61 patients aged 46–91 (mean 70.18). The level of knowledge of oral anticoagulation among the group of patients examined was low (the mean number of points achieved was 4.19 in the 9-point scale). Sex, education and the reason for admission had no relationship with the level of knowledge. Younger patients (4.85 ± 1.94 vs. 3.56 ± 1.86, p = 0.01) and those who had INR within the therapeutic limits at the moment of admission to the hospital (5.50 ± 1.79 vs. 3.56 ± 1.79 points, p = 0.0003) had a higher level of knowledge of the antithrombotic treatment.
Conclusions: Knowledge of treatment with acenocoumarol among the patients with atrial fibrillation using oral anticoagulation is low and inversely correlated with age. The greater the knowledge, the better is the value of INR controlled. (Cardiol J 2007; 14: 44–49)

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