Vol 17, No 6 (2010)
Case Reports
Published online: 2010-12-08

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Multiple spontaneous coronary artery dissection associated with Trousseau’s syndrome

Can Yücel Karabay, Murat Biteker, Regayip Zehir, Tahir Bezgin, Halil Tanboga, Mehmet Mustafa Can, Ahmet Güler, Nilüfer Eksi Duran, Mehmet Özkan
Cardiol J 2010;17(6):625-627.


Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) remains a rare cause of acute coronary syndrome. SCAD has been observed in three groups of patients: those with coronary atherosclerosis, women in the peripartum period, and an idiopathic group. SCAD may also be associated with some other conditions. Herein, we present a 57 year-old man who developed SCAD concomitant with Trousseau’s syndrome secondary to colon adenocarcinoma. (Cardiol J 2010; 17, 6: 625-627)

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