Vol 18, No 3 (2011)
Case Reports
Published online: 2011-06-09

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Aortic atresia with normally developed left ventricle in a young adult

Maryam Esmaeilzadeh, Nasim Naderi, Ali Sadeghpour Tabaei
Cardiol J 2011;18(3):304-306.


Congenital aortic valve atresia is usually part of a developmental anomaly usually called ‘hypoplastic left-heart syndrome’. To the best of our knowledge, most reported cases of aortic atresia have been associated with hypoplasia of the ascending aorta, of the left ventricle, and of the mitral valve. We report a patient presenting with aortic atresia with a ventricular septal defect and a normally sized left ventricle. (Cardiol J 2011; 18, 3: 304–306)

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