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Individually personalized radiotherapy vs. evidence (trials) based standards – paradigms and dilemmas

Bogusław Maciejewski1, Adam Maciejczyk23
Biuletyn Polskiego Towarzystwa Onkologicznego Nowotwory 2021;6(5):376-382.


This paper opens up to discussion whether some questions, points of view, and doubts counterbalance the belief and dogmas that randomized clinical trials (mainly in radiotherapy) should be considered as the only source of guidelines to design novel therapeutic standards in radiotherapy. A number of the physics, radiotherapy, clinical radiobiology and genetic and molecular tumor’s characteristics suggest that radiotherapy protocols based on the “evidence based trials” seem to be antonymous to individually personalized therapy. The major goal of this paper is to consider and discuss whether individually personalized radiotherapy is already attainable and reliable or still remains the exception.

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