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Lung cancer and breast cancer mortality trends among 45–74-year-old European women

Urszula Sulkowska1, Irmina Maria Michałek1, Joanna Didkowska12, Paweł Koczkodaj2
Biuletyn Polskiego Towarzystwa Onkologicznego Nowotwory 2021;6(4):249-260.


Introduction. We aimed to analyze and compare the most up-to-date breast and lung cancer mortality rates in European women aged 45–74.

Material and methods. The data on breast and lung cancer mortality in 1960–2017 were obtained from the World Health Organization Mortality Data Base and Eurostat. To determine the mortality trends and generate annual percent change, with 95% confidence intervals, joinpoint regression was applied.

Results. In most European Union (EU) member states (15 out of 28), lung cancer mortality was higher than breast cancer mortality, with either increasing or stable lung cancer mortality rates. In four other EU countries, breast and lung cancer mortality rates in the last reported year were almost equal or equal.

Conclusions. Lung cancer is becoming the leading cause of cancer deaths among European women. There is a need for ensuring women-targeted smoking cessation services to decrease tobacco-attributable lung cancer mortality.

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