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Eltrombopag and high-dose dexamethasone as first-line treatment in children with newly diagnosed primary immune thrombocytopenia

Monika Richert-Przygońska1, Dominika Kołuda1, Mariusz Wysocki1


Introduction: Novel treatment strategies for newly diagnosed immune thrombocytopenia (ndITP) pediatric patients are required.

Material and methods: The aim of this study was to analyze the safety and efficacy of eltrombopag and dexamethasone when used as the first-line treatment in children with ndITP. Inclusion criteria: age 5–18 years, and ndITP with bleeding manifestation. Treatment course: 28 days of eltrombopag with oral dexamethasone in three repeated courses.

Results: A complete response was achieved in 90% of patients after the first week of treatment, and in all patients after the end of the treatment course. Durable and sustained platelet response was observed in 90% of patients after 12 months of follow-up.

Conclusions: Our finding support safety and efficacy of eltrombopag and dexamethasone as combined first-line therapy of ndITP in children.

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