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Vol 8, No 1 (2002)
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Published online: 2002-02-07

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Is there a difference between the results of some basic examination of blood coagulation sampled from abdominal aortic aneurysm and the blood from peripheral vein?

Andrzej Cencora
Acta Angiologica 2002;8(1):1-5.


Introduction. The results of investigations of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms differ from the results of healthy people. There are doubts regarding the real significance of coagulative deficiencies in platelet count and coagulation factors on the thrombogenic surface of the thrombus inside aneurysms in comparison to the blood flowing through the peripheral veins with healthy endothelium.
Aim of the dtudy. To determine whether, prior to abdominal aortic aneurysm operation in patients with borderline, low values of platelet count, fibrinogen and prothrombin, it is worth while attempting to seal vascular protheses by means of blood collected from the peripheral vein instead of routine method of sealing using blood from the interior of aneurysms.
Material and methods. Intraoperatively, in 24 patients blood was sampled simultaneously from aneurysms and cubital veins. Average age of patients was 63.7 years (49–77) and mean diameter of infrarenal aneurysms 6.1 cm (5.5–9.0). The blood was collected for testing before heparin administration.
Results. There were no differences between the blood from the aneurysm and the blood from the cubital vein regarding platelet count (203 863 vs. 161 633, p = 0.296), fibrinogen level (3.08 vs. 3.1, p = 0.295), prothrombin activity (INR 1.29 vs. 1.30, p = 0.438), aPTT (33.04 vs. 33.72, p = 0.059), and antithrombin III activity (74.2 vs. 74.27, p = 0.940). Differences in D-dimers were found (606.5 vs. 486.8, p = 0.031).
Conclusions. Abandoning routine sealing of vascular prosthesis using aneurysmal blood in favour of the blood collected from peripheral vein has not been justified.

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