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Vol 15, No 2 (2009)
Case report
Published online: 2009-05-11

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Sideropenic anaemia occurring in a patient with severe post-traumatic haemorrhage treatment

Mieczysław Szostek, Henryk Komoń, Małgorzata Szostek, Małgorzata Rutkowska
Acta Angiologica 2009;15(2):84-90.


The authors report the case of a previously healthy 20-year-old male with right vein angle injury after a stabbing in the right supraclavicular region.
The patient was in critical condition at the site of the incident with hypovolemic shock due to massive haemorrhage and wide nonreactive pupils.
He was immediately operated on after arrival to the hospital, median sternotomy extending to the right supraclavicular area was performed and the right venous brachiocephalic trunk was repaired, 8000 ml of blood and 10 units of FFP were transfused, and 4000 ml of crystalloids and 1500 ml of colloids were infused.
After the operation, the patient had continuous diarrhoea (a dozen haematic and mucous stools daily), and sideropenic anaemia evolved due to iron malabsorption caused by intestinal mucosal ischaemia. Treatment required a few months parenteral iron supplementation. After diarrhoea regression and the patient's recovery, enteral iron supplementation was maintained, keeping the iron serum level within reference range.

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