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Vol 18, No 3 (2012)
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Published online: 2012-10-28

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Physical medicine as an opportunity for improving the health state of patients with vascular diseases (angiopathies)

Jarosław Pasek, Agata Stanek, Tomasz Pasek, Aleksander Sieroń
Acta Angiologica 2012;18(3):93-98.


Contemporary physical medicine is a field of medicine that uses natural methods of treatment, also taking
into consideration the action of physical factors in treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. So far, the patients
most often qualified for physical treatment have suffered from diseases of degenerative-inflammatory
background. At present, the range of therapeutic indications has expanded, and includes vascular diseases,
venous problems, and diseases of lymphatic vessels, focused mainly upon collateral circulation, as well as
increasing the efficiency of peripheral vessels. Additionally, physical medicine procedures restore and improve
disturbed physiological functions, as well as counteract the permanent lesions in vessels. In this work the authors
present the theoretical background, methodology, and biological effects of selected procedures belonging to
the field of physical medicine, used in the treatment of vascular diseases.

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