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Vol 17, No 1 (2011)
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Published online: 2011-04-22

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A scoring system for thromboembolic risk assessment in patients hospitalised on non-surgical wards developed by the Polish Working Group

by the Polish Working Group (Polska Grupa Robocza)
Acta Angiologica 2011;17(1):77-88.


Background. In light of insufficient awareness of the dangers associated with the development of thromboembolic complications and of the risk factors for thromboembolism in many patients hospitalised on non-surgical wards, experts in the field have developed a scoring system with a view to reducing the incidence of these complications and raising awareness of the involved risks among practicing physicians.
Material and methods. The Polish Working Group was established to draw up the scoring system for thromboembolic risk assessment. The scoring system discussed in this paper is intended for use only on patients admitted to non-surgical wards. The obtained total score forms the basis for including the patient in a particular risk group, which is associated with a particular thromboprophylaxis regimen.
Results and conclusions. The scoring system presented in this paper may be a simple tool that could gain widespread acceptance among practicing physicians. As the scoring system has not been verified in clinical practice, it may only be used supportively for now in the assessment of venous thromboembolism risk.
Acta Angiol 2011; 17, 1: 77–88

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