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Vol 13, No 2 (2015)
Review paper
Published online: 2016-02-02

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Images of the body in women’s narratives on vaginismus

Paulina Flis
Seksuologia Polska 2015;13(2).


This paper concerns the construction of the relationship with the body, in women with vaginismus experience. Purpose is to know what and how is said when talking about body and genitals. I managed it by adopting a social constructivist approach and Critical Discourse Analysis method. The article describes the relationship between and their body. The research shows that body had a control and was superior in comparison to the women contributors. It possessed power and was responsible for the unpleasant experience thereby establishing a woman as a victim. Distancing itself was designed to alleviate the problem of re-experiencing nuisance and protect against unwanted rumination. The conducted investigations are summarized in the last part of this sheet , where attempts are made to explain the observed patterns and pointing possible limitations and implications of this study.