Role of nurse in rehabilitation and carry on patient with brain stroke

Elżbieta Miller


Rehabilitation is a vital element of treatment after the brain stroke and should be used as early as possible to stimulate central nervous system

The aim of post-stroke rehabilitation is to restore the lost functions to the most possible extent, to prevent the patient from neurological and
general complications and to improve his quality of life. Rehabilitation is an active and constant process that starts at the first day of hospitalization
and lasts even after the hospital treatment. Appropriate nursing has a crucial influence on further process of rehabilitation and the
condition of the patient. Using functional scales allows to determinate in easy way the approximate patient’s condition. The commonly used
scales simplify communication about the state of a patient, and his general nursing and caring needs. Results of many studies confirm that
early, and complex post stroke rehabilitation is necessary, irrespectively of the patient’s age. Immediately initiated rehabilitation at the first
day of treatment, gives a chance of recovery. Because of the widespread functions, the contact of a nurse with a patient, is one of the basic
factors that determinates the correct way of rehabilitation after the hospital treatment.


nurse; brain stroke; rehabilitation; treatment
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