Characteristics of smoking habits in participants of the National Program of Early Detection and Prevention of COPD in the years 2000-2002

Michał Bednarek, Jan Zieliński, Dorota Górecka


We aimed to characterize smoking habits in participants of the large national screening program for COPD run in Poland in the years 2000-2002.

Material and methods: The program was addressed to smokers aged 40+ years with a smoking history of 10+ packyears. Participants were invited by advertisements in local mass media to attend local outpatient chest clinic located through all over the country for free spirometry. Investigations included history of smoking habit based on questionnaire, Fagerström test for nicotine dependence (FTND) and spirometry.

Results: During three years 91859 subjects were screened, of whom 81091 (88.3%) were current and former smokers.
In male smokers (56.6%), mean age 54.2 ±11.4 yr, mean exposure to tobacco smoke was 32.8±18.7 packyears. There were 33289 (61.7%) of current smokers and 14905 (30,9%) of ex-smokers. In female smokers (41.3%), mean age 51.8 ±10.0 yr, mean exposure to tobacco smoke was 22.9±14.8 packyears. There were 22291 (70.7%) of current smokers and 9226 (29.3%) of ex-smokers. Males started to smoke at younger age of (19.2±4.6 yr) than females (21.8±5.9 yr). Males were more nicotine dependent than females, 4.93±2.4 vs. 4.48±2.5 FTND points, respectively. Nicotine dependence was related to number of packyears (r=0.5, p


tobacco smoking; COPD; spirometry; early diagnosis
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