Frailty - an overview for oncologists

Jolanta Życzkowska, Tomasz Grądalski


Frailty syndrome defines the elderly population with chronic health care problems loosing the physical
efficiency. It is a physiological syndrome consisted of the diminishing physical reserves and also decreasing
resistance for the various stressors. It can lead to the social dependence and the increased risk of
hospitalization, morbidity and mortality rate, even due to the trivial causes. High level of inflammatory mediators,
coagulation disturbances, age related changes in hormone levels, muscle loss or sarcopenia
appear to be connected with this syndrome. Clinical diagnosis consists of the weight loss, asthenia, fatigue,
walking slowness and physical capacity deterioration.
Onkol. Prak. Klin. 2010; 6, 2: 79-84


frailty; pre-death syndrome; asthenia; sarcopenia; cachexia

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