Refeeding syndrome in oncological patients

Mirosława Püsküllüočglu, Jarosław Nieckula, Izabela Laprus


Undernutrition remains an important problem among oncological patients. Supportive nutrition, when
conducted inappropriately, can have many significant side effects. Refeeding syndrome (RS) is a life-threatening
condition resulting from oral or parenteral nutrition and characterized by electrolytes insufficiency,
mainly phosphorus, followed by multiple clinical manifestations. Oncological patients are especially
prone to develop of RS. Thus, the oncologist should be familiar with the risk factors, clinical symptoms,
pathophysiology and treatment of this, potentially fatal, oncological emergency.

Onkol. Prak. Klin. 2011; 7, 1: 24–30


refeeding syndrome; hipophosphataemia; nutrition

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