Vol 1, No 1 (1998)

Date published: 2000-02-10

Table of Contents

open access

Artykuły poglądowe

Nuclear medicine in children

J. R. Buscombe

Review paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):46-49.

Nuclear medicine applications in oncology

C. A. Hoefnagel

Review paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):50-57.
Original articles

Evaluation of gallbladder motility in patients following total gastrectomy (Roux-en-Y) by infusion cholescintigraphy

Vera Artiko, Vladimir Obradović, Milorad Petrović, Miroslav Milićević, Predrag Pesko, Kosta Kostić

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):2-5.

SPECT imaging of feet using uniplanar fad-beam collimators

Jarosław B. Ćwikła, John R. Buscombe, Amanda Walker, Danny McCool, Daksha S. Thakrar, Andrew J. W. Hilson

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):6-12.

rCBF SPECT and the acetazolamide test in the evaluation of dementia

Laszlo Pavics, Frank Grunwald, Karl Reichmann, Terez Sera, Edit Ambrus, Rolf Horn, Alexander Hartmann, Christian Menzel, Laszlo Csernay, Hans J. Biersack

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):13-19.

Cerebral blood flow assessed by brain SPECT with 99mTc-HMPAO utilising the acetazolamide test in systemic lupus erythematosus

Piotr Lass, Mirosław Koseda, Grzegorz Romanowicz, Janina Mechlińska, Zyta Banecka, Monika Góra, Marek Hebanowski, Ewa Stępień, Piotr Łyczak

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):20-24.

Bone SPECT with quantitation for the diagnosis of periodontitis

N. Mlatchkov, T. Dgemileva, A. Mlatchkov

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):25-28.

Verification of 99mTc-Ethylenedicysteine (99mTc-EC) distribution model in the organism

Marian J. Surma

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):29-32.

Investigation of gamma camera detector uniformity using a dynamic line phantom

Teréz Séra, János Mester, Lászlo Csernay, Lászlo Pávics

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 1998;1(1):41-45.


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