Vol 5, No 2 (2002)

Date published: 2002-06-07

Table of Contents

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Original articles

Estimation of usefulness of monitoring tissue polypeptide antigen - TPA-M concentrations in the effectiveness surgical treatment of urinary bladder cancer

Aleksandra Kochańska-Dziurowicz, Michał J. Mielniczuk, Aleksandra Bijak, Ryszard Palugniok

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):109-111.

Cancer imaging with radiolabelled antibodies and peptides

Keith E. Britton, Marie Granowska

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):89-92.

Comparison of99mTc-alafosfalin and 67Ga-citrate in a mouse model of bacterial infection

Chris Tsopelas, Stan Penglis, F. Dylan L. Bartholomeusz

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):93-97.

Preliminary studies with 188Rhenium-tin colloid for radiation synovectomy: preparation, size determination, in-vivo distribution, effect and dosimetry studies

Domokos Máthé, Pradip R. Chaudhari, Lajos Balogh, András Polyák, Réka Király, Gábor Andocs, Edina Perge, Róbert Glávits, Gyōzō A. Jánoki

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):99-104.

Optimal time window for measurement of renal output parameters

Jacob D. Kuyvenhoven, Hamphrey R. Ham, Amy Piepsz

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):105-108.

Early and late changes in myocardial function and heart rate variability in patients after myocardial revascularisation

Wojciech M. Szot, Bogumiła Bacior, Alicja Hubalewska-Hola, Janusz Grodecki, Zbigniew Szybiński, Kalina Kawecka-Jaszcz

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):113-119.

111In-platelets dynamic study in chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Mila V. Todorović-Tirnanić, Vladimir B. Obradovic, Smiljana V. Pavlović, Nada D. Suvajdžić, Ivo V. Elezović, Milica D. Colović, Vladimir B. Bošnjaković

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):121-125.

The diagnostics of recurrent gliomas using FDG-PET: still questionable?

Otakar Belohlávek, Jan Klener, Josef Vymazal, Vladimir Dbaly, František Tovaryš

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):127-130.

Technetium-99m MIBI imaging in diagnosis of pelvic and abdominal masses in patients with suspected gynaecological malignancy

Leszek Królicki, Jarosław Ćwikła, Agnieszka Timorek, Małgorzata Ruszczyńska, Jerzy Stelmachow, Włodzimierz Sawicki, Agnieszka D. Kolasińska, Jolanta Kupryjańczyk, Gidon Lieberman, John R. Buscombe

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):131-137.

Sentinel lymph node detection in canine oncological patients

Lajos Balogh, Julianna Thuroczy, Gábor Andocs, Domokos Mathé, Pradip Chaudhari, Edina Perge, Imre Biksi, András Polyák, Réka Király, Gyōzō A. Jánoki

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):139-144.
Short communications

Detection of acute gastrointestinal bleeding by means of technetium-99m in vivo labelled red blood cells

Jiri Dolezal, Jaroslav Vizd' a, Jan Bureš

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):151-154.

Effect of biventricular pacing on heart function evaluated by gated blood pool study in patients with end-stage heart failure

Witold Cholewiński, Anna Tarkowska, Andrzej Kutarski, Bogusław Stefaniak, Ewa Poniatowicz-Frasunek, Krzysztof Oleszczak

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):155-157.

The role of sentinel node detection techniques in vulvar and cervical cancer

Dariusz Wydra, Sambor Sawicki, Janusz Emerich, Grzegorz Romanowicz

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):171-174.
Occasional surveys

Nuclear medicine resources on the World Wide Web - a short syllabus

Maciej Piskunowicz, Tomasz Bandurski, Piotr Lass

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):175-176.
Technical notes

Windows programming - Maximum Intensity Projections with direct export to avi

Jan Masopust, Daniel Janeba, Katerina Táborská

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):163-164.
News and views

News and views

Piotr Lass

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):179-180.
Book review

Book review

Piotr Lass

Nucl. Med. Rev 2002;5(2):181-181.
Letter to Editor

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