Vol 7, No 1 (2004)

Date published: 2004-01-22

Table of Contents

open access

Original articles

Clinical significance of optimal red cell mass and plasma volume estimation methods

Mila V. Todorović-Tirnanić, Smiljana V. Pavlović, Vladimir B. Obradović, Ivo V. Elezović, Dragomir Ž. Marisavljević, Peda S. Miljić, Rajko A. Milošević, Andrija D. Bogdanović, Vladimir B. Bošnjaković

Research paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):31-38.

Chemical and biological evaluation of technetium (I) Tricarbonyl complexes with EHIDA and DPD

Divna Dj. Djokić, Drina Lj. Janković, Ljiljana Lj. Stamenković, Ioannis Pirmettis

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):1-5.

Recombinant human TSH in radioiodine treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer

Roussanka D. Kovatcheva, Tatjana D. Hadjieva, Georgi G. Kirilov, Bojan S. Lozanov

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):13-19.

Single injection hepatic radionuclide angiography and hepatobiliary scintigraphy in the evaluation of liver transplant function

Vladimir Obradović, Vera Artiko, Bozina Radević, Branka Dapcević, Nebojsa Petrović

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):21-25.

Evaluation of gastric emptying in patients with chronic renal failure on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis using 99mTc-solid meal

Alicja Hubalewska, Tomasz Stompór, Ewa Płaczkiewicz, Anna Staszczak, Bohdan Huszno, Władysław Sułowicz, Zbigniew Szybiński

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):27-30.
Short communications

Prevalence and clinical significance of solitary pulmonary sub-segmental microembolism

Jean Lette, Michel Cerino, Marie-Claire Eybalin, André Levasseur

Brief communication

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):39-42.

Diagnostic value of cerebral perfusion scintigraphy in evaluation of intracranial arteriovenous malformations - preliminary report

Anna Nocuń, Maciej Szajner, Krzysztof Gil, Janina Zaorska-Rajca

Brief communication

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):43-48.

Measurement of renal function by calculation of fractional uptake of technetium-99m dimercaptosuccinic acid

Slobodanka Lj. Beatović, Emilija D. Jakšić, Ruben S. Han

Brief communication

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):49-52.

Apoptosis: its pathophysiology and monitoring. The role of apoptosis in the radioiodine therapy of hyperthyroidism

Antoni J. Sopotyk, Franciszek Rogowski, Adam Parfieńczyk

Review paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):53-58.

Artificial neural networks in nuclear medicine

Dariusz Świetlik, Tomasz Bandurski, Piotr Lass

Review paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):59-67.

The role of bone scan in the diagnosis of Jaffe-Lichtenstein-Uehlinger syndrome

Daniela Chroustova, Michal Votruba, Jan Sprindrich, Bohuslav Sosna

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):87-89.

Nuclear medicine in pediatric oncology

Cornelis A. Hoefnagel, Jan de Kraker

Other materials agreed with the Editors

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):69-75.

VirRAD - a virtual learning resource for Radiopharmacy and Nuclear Medicine

Stephen J. Mather

Other materials agreed with the Editors

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):77-79.

Congress of Polish Society of Nuclear Medicine Highlights Lecture

Piotr Lass

Other materials agreed with the Editors

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):81-84.
News and views

News and views

NMR redaction

Other materials agreed with the Editors

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):91-92.

Chosen abstracts of Polish Society of Nuclear Medicine Congress, Bydgoszcz 2004

Congress abstract / Abstract

Nucl. Med. Rev 2004;7(1):93-101.


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