Vol 13, No 1 (2010)

Date published: 2010-12-01

Table of Contents

open access

The efficacy of Tc-99m sestamibi for sentinel node mapping in breast carcinomas: comparison with Tc-99m antimony sulphide colloid

Ramin Sadeghi, Seyed Rasoul Zakavi, Mohammad Naser Forghani, Kamran Aryana, Vahid Reza Dabbagh Kakhki, Narjes Khatoon Ayati, Fatemeh Homaee Shandiz, Mohammad Reza Ghavamnasiri, Mohammed Keshtgar

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):1-4.

Discordance between labelled white blood cell scintigraphy and bone scan following suspicion of bone infection: What should be done about it?

Thomas Wagner, Pierre Payoux, Jacques Simon, Julian Anne, Mathieu Tafani, Jean Paul Esquerré, Eric Bonnet

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):5-7.

Assessment of clinical usefulness of parametric clearance images in diagnosis of kidney cicatrisation in children with chronic infections of the urinary tract

Ewa Pietrzak-Stelmasial, Izabela Frieske, Małgorzata Bieńkiewicz, Wojciech Woźnicki, Magdalena Kowalewska-Pietrzak, Krystyna Bubińska, Wojciech Młynarski, Anna Płachcińska, Jacek Kuśmierek

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):8-14.

Malignant transformation to schwannoma in a patient affected by type 1 neurofibromatosis as demonstrated by F-18-FDG-PET/CT

Francesco Bertagna, Giovanni Bosio, Giorgio Biasiotto, Simona Fisogni, Luisa Bercich, Raffaele Giubbini

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):15-17.

Diagnostic imaging of the diabetic foot

Celina Ranachowska, Piotr Lass, Anna Korzon-Burakowska, Marek Dobosz

Review paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):18-22.

Neuroimaging diagnosis in neurodegenerative diseases

Paweł Szymański, Magdalena Markowicz, Agnieszka Janik, Mateusz Ciesielski, Elżbieta Mikiciuk-Olasik

Review paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):23-31.

Nuclear medicine in multiple myeloma — more than diagnosis

Giuseppe Lucio Cascini, Vincenzo Cuccurullo, Oscar Tamburrini, Luigi Mansi, Antonio Rotondo

Review paper

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):32-38.
Diagnostic imaging

Non-invasive imaging of diabetic vascular disease

Marijan Bosevski, Irena Peovska

Nucl. Med. Rev 2010;13(1):39-47.


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