Vol 24, No 1 (2021)
Clinical vignette
Published online: 2021-01-29

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Accumulation of 99m-Tc Phytate in the pyelocalyceal system in a patient with chylous ascites — a pitfall resolved by SPECT/CT

Hadis Mohammadzadeh Kosari1, Somayeh Barashki1, Yasaman Fakhar1, Emran Askari1, Ramin Sadeghi1
Pubmed: 33576482
Nucl. Med. Rev 2021;24(1):29-30.


We reported 99m-Tc phytate accumulation in the pyelocalyceal system of the kidney in the lymphoscintigraphic images of a 3.5
months-old male infant with chylous ascites, which was mistaken with the site of lymph leakage. SPECT/CT localized activity
in the para-aortic region to the renal pelvis and on delayed images, this was disappeared. Our case illustrates the added value
of SPECT/CT for the differentiation of possible false-positive findings in lymphoscintigraphy.

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