Vol 15, Supp. C (2012)
Published online: 2013-02-19

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[18F]FDG production facility at the Joint Research Centre Cyclotron (Ispra Site — Italy)

K. Abbas, F. Simonelli, N. Gibson, U. Holzwarth, A. Pecorale, F. Barberis Negra


The Joint Research Centre (JRC) MC40 Cyclotron is successfully
used for routine [18F]FDG production in compliance
with the Marketing Authorization under a commercial
partnership between JRC and General Electric Healthcare
(GE HC). The commercial production has been operational
since April 2004 without any significant interruption. This
radiopharmaceutical site has been the first producing
centre authorised in Italy. As regard to 18F production, the
cyclotron is running every night during about 6 hours. The
[18F]FDG radiopharmaceutical is distributed to hospitals and
diagnostic centres in the north and central regions of Italy.
The radiopharmaceutical is commercially recorded under
the brand name SteriPET. This commercial activity does
not interfere with other research projects that normally take
place during daytime working hours.

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