Vol 4, No 1 (2001)
Published online: 2000-05-25

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Attenuation correction stress myocardial SPECT: possibility of reduction in number of rest investigation

Otakar Belohlavek, Katerina Taborska, Iva Kantorova, Daniel Janeba
Nucl. Med. Rev 2001;4(1):11-14.


BACKGROUND: Attenuation-corrected (AC) imaging frequently shows normal stress myocardial perfusion while non-corrected (NC) imaging shows hypoperfusion. The aim of the work was to assess whether it is necessary to continue with resting examination in this situation.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: 121 consecutive patients had positive finding at AC and/or NC sestamibi stress myocardial imaging using E.CAM Profile system and resting examination was carried out. AC stress imaging was normal while NC imaging showed hypoperfusion in 29 cases. In one case this finding was reversed. In this group of 30 patients with AC/NC stress discrepancies, resting examination has not revealed any additional information in 28 cases.
RESULTS: In 2 cases NC imaging, in contrast to AC, showed stress ischaemia. In one of these 2 cases coronarography was carried out with negative result. In the other case patient refused coronarography.
CONCLUSIONS: The resting examination did not bring any benefits in 29?30 cases out of 30 (96.7 to 100.0%) patients with AC/NC stress discrepancies. If the results of this study are considered accordingly, in our group approximately one fourth of the resting examinations (29 to 30 out of 121) could be saved.

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