Vol 74, No 1 (2024)

Date published: 2024-03-19

Table of Contents

open access

Original articles – Pancreatic tumors
Original articles – Radiotherapy

Comparison of EPID portal dosimetry verification and RadCalc dose verification for VMAT treatment plans

Adam Gądek, Dominika Plaza, Łukasz Sroka, Marta Reudelsdorf-Ullmann, Krzysztof Ślosarek

Research paper (original)

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):12-19.
Original articles – Pancreatic tumors

Pancreatic cancer concomitant with other malignancies – a single centre experience

Marta Fudalej, Anna Badowska-Kozakiewicz, Daria Kwaśniewska, Izabella Cichowska, Andrzej Deptała

Research paper (original)

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):20-26.
Review articles – Cancer during pregnancy

Management of cervical cancer during pregnancy – a systematic review

Anna Dąbrowska, Adrian Perdyan, Bartosz K. Sobocki, Jacek Rutkowski

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):27-33.
Review articles – Adrenal tumors

Advances in the management of pheochromocytoma – a short review

Michał Miciak, Krzysztof Jurkiewicz, Krzysztof Kaliszewski

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):34-41.
Review articles – Liver tumors

Stereotactic irradiation of liver tumors – is it worthwhile?

Michał Kurzyński, Marta Urbańska-Gąsiorowska, Marcin Hetnał

Review paper

DOI: 10.5603/njo.97775
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):42-48.
Review articles – Clinical nutrition in oncology

How much can a cancer patient eat and how to calculate it – a dietitian’s point of view. Collaboration between doctor and dietitian

Agnieszka Surwiłło-Snarska, Katarzyna Różycka, Ewelina Grochowska, Aleksandra Gazi, Emilia Motacka, Marta Dąbrowska-Bender, Anna Oleksiak, Aleksnadra Kapała

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):49-56.
Review articles – Cancer prevention and public health

The role of nutrition in oncological prevention

Katarzyna Wolnicka

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):57-65.
Review articles – Cancer epidemiology

Digital interventions in smoking cessation – a brief overview of systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Elwira Gliwska, Marta Mańczuk

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):66-71.
Pictures in oncology

Subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGA), unrelated to tuberous sclerosis, NTRK-positive

Veronica Parrella, Jacopo Ferro, Chiara Trambaiolo Antonelli, Gabriele Gaggero

Pictures in Oncology

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):72.

The usefulness of nasopharyngoscopy in the diagnostics and treatment planning for patients with early glottic cancer

Aleksandra Nasiek, Anna Kozub, Paweł Polanowski

Pictures in Oncology

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):73.

Reviewers – 2023 year

Other materials agreed with the Editors

DOI: 10.5603/njo.99866
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2024;74(1):74.


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