Vol 71, No 4 (2021)

Date published: 2021-08-18

Table of Contents

open access

Original article

Lung cancer and breast cancer mortality trends among 45–74-year-old European women

Urszula Sulkowska, Irmina Maria Michałek, Joanna Didkowska, Paweł Koczkodaj

Research paper (original)

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):185-196.

MRI utility in predicting extraprostatic extension of prostate cancer and biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy

Natalia Majchrzak, Piotr Cieśliński, Tomasz Milecki, Maciej Głyda, Katarzyna Karmelita-Katulska

Research paper (original)

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):197-201.

Does epidural analgesia modify the risk of complications after gastrectomy?

Tomasz Olesiński, Marta Urbańska, Anna Borkowska, Paulina Wieszczy, Dariusz Król, Dorota Rucz, Małgorzata Symonides

Research paper (original)

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):202-211.

The quality of life of patients with head neoplasms and incidence of depression treated with radiotherapy. A preliminary research report

Bogumiła A. Lubińska-Żądło, Anna Pych, Bożena Kowalczyk, Bożena Zawadzka

Research paper (original)

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):212-219.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease assessment test predicts postoperative complications in patients with lung cancer qualified for lobectomy

Stefan Wesołowski, Tadeusz Orłowski, Paweł Bujnowski

Research paper (original)

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):220-224.
Review article

A review of methods of intraoperative margin assessment in breast conserving surgery

Tomasz Sachańbiński, Barbara Radecka

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):225-231.

Sexual well being of breast cancer patients

Milena Lachowicz, Joanna Kufel-Grabowska, Mikołaj Bartoszkiewicz, Rodryg Ramlau, Krzysztof Łukaszuk

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):232-237.

Lung volume irradiation procedures in patients with pneumonia during COVID-19 infection – physical aspects of treatment planning and dosimetry

Krzysztof Ślosarek, Adam Gądek, Łukasz Sroka, Łukasz Dolla, Andrzej Biały, Michał Radwan, Dawid Bodusz, Michał Nachlik, Tomasz Rutkowski, Jerzy Jaroszewicz

Brief communication

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):238-242.
Pictures in oncology

32 years of follow-up after double breast reconstruction with silicone implants after a subcutaneous mastectomy

Andrzej Kułakowski

Pictures in Oncology

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):243-244.

Treatment of gastric cancer in the older population

Jakub Kenig, Piotr Richter

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):245-250.
Genetics and oncology

Personalised medical management of patients with melanoma (part 2)

Justyna Gil, Izabela Łaczmańska, Maria M. Sąsiadek, Marcin Ziętek

Review paper

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):251-254.
Letter to the Editor

Paper mill-derived cancer research: the improbability of prostate cancer in women, and ovarian and breast cancer in men

Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva

Letter to the Editor

Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2021;71(4):255-256.


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