Vol 66, No 5 (2016)

Date published: 2017-03-30

Table of Contents

open access

Original article

Pregnancy-related cervical cancer in the material of the Regional Cancer Centre, Łódź, between 2011 and 2014

Justyna Danielska, Małgorzata Moszyńska-Zielińska, Leszek Gottwald, Miłosz Wilczyński, Jacek R. Wilczyński, Jacek Fijuth

Research paper (original)

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0065
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):359-366.

The effectiveness of brain metastases radiotherapy in patients with melanoma

Bogumiła Szyszka-Charewicz

Research paper (original)

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0066
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):367-374.
Irradiation techniques

Dose specification in External Beam Radiotherapy for CyberKnife and VMAT techniques applied to a case of prostate cancer

Krzysztof Ślosarek, Joanna Kopczyńska, Wojciech Osewski

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0067
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):375-380.
Review article

The pathomorphologist’s role in the era of personalised therapy regarding the case of colorectal tumours

Małgorzata Kołos, Anna Nasierowska-Guttmejer, Anna Wasążnik-Jędras

Review paper

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0069
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):386-395.

Proton radiotherapy for treating the most common carcinomas

Beata Sas-Korczyńska, Jerzy Jakubowicz, Marian Reinfuss

Review paper

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0070
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):396-402.

Review of Polish and international guidelines on hormonal therapy in localized prostate cancer

Ewa Pawłowska, Jacek Jassem

Review paper

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0071
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):403-407.

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer: then and now

Tomasz Olesiński

Review paper

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0072
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):408-414.
Case report

Fetal adenocarcinoma — a rare variant of lung adenocarcinoma with good prognosis

Jolanta Winek, Paweł Caban, Jacek Zych, Renata Langfort, Barbara Burakowska, Kazimierz Roszkowski-Śliż

Case report

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0068
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):381-385.
Short review

Tamoxifen — no longer a golden standard for adjuvant therapy in the treatment of premenopausal patients with hormone-sensitive breast cancer

Renata Duchnowska

Other materials agreed with the Editors

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0073
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):415-417.

Mammography screening — a recognised standard

Joanna Didkowska

Other materials agreed with the Editors

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0074
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):418-421.

Can genetic testing be useful for defining the risk of cancer?

Jerzy Ostrowski, Janusz Siedlecki

Other materials agreed with the Editors

DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0075
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):422-426.
In memoriam

Professor Kazimierz Pelczar (1894–1943). Founder of an organised campaign against cancer in Vilnius 85 years ago

Christina Rotkiewicz


DOI: 10.5603/NJO.2016.0076
Nowotwory. Journal of Oncology 2016;66(5):427-431.


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