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Published online: 2023-02-05
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A favorable alliance between repetitive use of levosimendan and advanced heart failure: Polish two-centered inpatient perspective in need of validation

Marcin Książczyk1, Marcin Gruchała2, Iwona Stopczyńska2, Małgorzata Lelonek1
DOI: 10.33963/KP.a2023.0034
Pubmed: 36739649
  1. Department of Noninvasive Cardiology, Medical University of Lodz, Łódź, Poland
  2. 1st Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Gdansk, Gdańsk, Poland

open access

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Short communication
Published online: 2023-02-05


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A favorable alliance between repetitive use of levosimendan and advanced heart failure: Polish two-centered inpatient perspective in need of validation


Kardiologia Polska (Polish Heart Journal)


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Marcin Książczyk
Marcin Gruchała
Iwona Stopczyńska
Małgorzata Lelonek

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