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Vol 80, No 12 (2022)
Short communication
Published online: 2022-12-23
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How to decrease the cost of pacemaker infection treatment by adopting seemingly costly innovation? A budget impact analysis of a leadless pacemaker implantation

Paweł Syska1, Michał M Farkowski1, Monika Raulinajtys-Grzybek2, Aneta Lis3, Mariusz Pytkowski1
DOI: 10.33963/KP.a2022.0284
Pubmed: 36573599
Kardiol Pol 2022;80(12):1260-1262.
  1. 2nd Department of Heart Arrhythmia, National Institute of Cardiology, Warszawa, Poland
  2. Department of Management Accounting, Warsaw School of Economics, Warszawa, Poland
  3. Hospital-based Health Technology Assessment Team, National Institute of Cardiology, Warszawa, Poland

open access

Vol 80, No 12 (2022)
Short communication
Published online: 2022-12-23


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How to decrease the cost of pacemaker infection treatment by adopting seemingly costly innovation? A budget impact analysis of a leadless pacemaker implantation


Kardiologia Polska (Polish Heart Journal)


Vol 80, No 12 (2022)

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Short communication



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Kardiol Pol 2022;80(12):1260-1262.


Paweł Syska
Michał M Farkowski
Monika Raulinajtys-Grzybek
Aneta Lis
Mariusz Pytkowski

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