Vol 72, No 1 (2021)

Date published: 2021-03-29

Table of Contents

open access

MARITIME MEDICINE Original article

Physical fitness in Spanish naval cadets. A four-year study

Iris M. de Oliveira, Mª Helena Vila, Francisco J. Burgos-Martos, José M. Cancela

Original article

Pubmed: 33829468
IMH 2021;72(1):10-17.

Dermatological diseases in seamen’s lower extremity: a prevalence study

Vanesa Rego-Pena, Maria Ángeles Bouza-Prego, Fernando Gómez-Muniz, Raquel Veiga-Seijo

Original article

Pubmed: 33829469
IMH 2021;72(1):18-25.

Objective and subjective measures to assess stress among seafarers

Hans-Joachim Jensen, Marcus Oldenburg

Original article

Pubmed: 33829473
IMH 2021;72(1):49-54.

Effect of daily social media exposure on anxiety and depression disorders among cargo seafarers: a cross-sectional study

Arianne A. Zamora, Zypher Jude G. Regencia, Marilyn E. Crisostomo, Guido Van Hal, Emmanuel S. Baja

Original article

Pubmed: 33829474
IMH 2021;72(1):55-63.

Medical assessment of fitness to dive. Part I

Jarosław Krzyżak, Krzysztof Korzeniewski

Review article

Pubmed: 33829471
IMH 2021;72(1):36-45.
TROPICAL MEDICINE Original article

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding rabies among community members: a cross-sectional study in Songan Village, Bali, Indonesia

Paulus Mario Christopher, Cucunawangsih Cucunawangsih, Anak Agung Gde Bagus Adidharma, I Putu Desna Kesuma Putra, Dewa Gede Sentana Putra

Original article

Pubmed: 33829470
IMH 2021;72(1):26-35.

COVID-19 vaccine on board ships: current and future implications of seafarers

Gopi Battineni, Shailender Kumar, Mamta Mittal, Francesco Amenta

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 33829476
IMH 2021;72(1):76-77.

The realities of a new era featuring truly international lectures during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic: international collaboration and advances in medical education

Ken Inoue, Nailya Chaizhunusova, Nursultan Seksenbayev, Timur Moldagaliyev, Nargul Ospanova, Yersin T Zhunussov

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 33829478
IMH 2021;72(1):79.

Consequences of COVID-19 pandemic on global maritime trade industry

Shailender Kumar, Aman Jolly

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 33829480
IMH 2021;72(1):82-83.

COVID-19: rethinking seafarers’ temporality to improve healthcare and prevention practices?

Richard Pougnet, Laurence Pougnet, Pol Bleunven, Ewen Jezequel, David Lucas, Brice Loddé

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 33829481
IMH 2021;72(1):84-85.


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