Vol 71, No 4 (2020)

Date published: 2020-12-30

Table of Contents

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Other materials agreed with the Editors

IMH 2020;71(4).
MARITIME MEDICINE Original article

Telemedical assistance at sea in the time of COVID-19 pandemic

Getu Gamo Sagaro, Gopi Battineni, Nalini Chintalapudi, Marzio Di Canio, Francesco Amenta

Original article

Pubmed: 33394487
IMH 2020;71(4):229-236.

Poor sleep quality, long working hours and fatigue in coastal areas: a dangerous combination of silent risk factors for deck officers on oil tankers

Farhad Azimi Yancheshmeh, S. Hossain Mousavizadegan, Amin Amini, Andrew P. Smith, Reza Kazemi

Original article

Pubmed: 33394488
IMH 2020;71(4):237-248.

Optokinetic stimulation efficiency for sea sickness treatment

Alexis Maffert, Barbara Aupy

Original article

Pubmed: 33394489
IMH 2020;71(4):249-252.

Effects of COVID-19 on maritime industry: a review

Devran Yazir, Bekir Şahin, Tsz Leung Yip, Po-Hsing Tseng

Review article

Pubmed: 33394490
IMH 2020;71(4):253-264.

Prevalence of alcohol consumption among seafarers and fishermen

Elisabeth Stoll, Klaus Püschel, Volker Harth, Marcus Oldenburg

Review article

Pubmed: 33394491
IMH 2020;71(4):265-274.

Work profile of maritime pilots in Germany

Marcus Oldenburg, Lukas Belz, Filip Barbarewicz, Volker Harth, Hans-Joachim Jensen

Review article

Pubmed: 33394492
IMH 2020;71(4):275-277.
TRAVEL MEDICINE Review article

Extreme traveler

Krzysztof Korzeniewski

Review article

Pubmed: 33394494
IMH 2020;71(4):281-290.

TelePharmaSea: proposing a novel approach to automate, organize and simplify management of medical chest on board commercial vessels

Giulio Nittari, Graziano Pallotta, Ravjyot Singh Khuman, Francesco Amenta

Original article

Pubmed: 33394495
IMH 2020;71(4):291-295.

Adequate measures to prevent medical personnel from contracting COVID-19 should be promptly implemented: support from numerous agencies is needed

Ken Inoue, Nursultan Seksenbayev, Timur Moldagaliyev, Yoshihiro Noso, Nobuo Takeichi, Yoshiyuki Ohira, Zhannat Sarsembina, Nargul Ospanova, Noriyuki Kawano, Haruo Takeshita, Masaharu Hoshi

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 33394496
IMH 2020;71(4):296.

Changes in university classes as COVID-19 continues and new findings regarding future university instruction methods: from the perspective of Japan and Semey, Republic of Kazakhstan

Ken Inoue, Nursultan Seksenbayev, Timur Moldagaliyev, Nobuo Takeichi, Yoshihiro Noso, Zhannat Sarsembina, Nargul Ospanova, Haruo Takeshita, Yoshiyuki Ohira, Noriyuki Kawano, Masaharu Hoshi

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 33394497
IMH 2020;71(4):297.

Sexually transmitted infection and seafarers: raising awareness on preventing prostitution?

Richard Pougnet, Pol Bleunven, Brice Loddé, David Lucas, Jean-Dominique Dewitte, Laurence Pougnet

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 33394500
IMH 2020;71(4):303.


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