Vol 64, No 3 (2013)

Date published: 2013-09-25

Table of Contents

open access

MARITIME MEDICINE Original article

Cardiovascular risk factors in seamen and fishermen: review of literature

Richard Pougnet, Laurence Pougnet, Brice Loddé Loddé, Maria Luisa Canals-Pol, Dominique Jegaden, David Lucas, Jean-Dominique Dewitte

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):107-113.

The influence of ship movements on the energy expenditure of fishermen. A study during a North Sea voyage in calm weather

Tomas Breidahl, Michael Christensen, Jørgen Riis Jepsen, Jens-Peter Johansen, Øyvind Omland

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):114-120.

Skin infection by Staphylococcus aureus in a fisherman: difficulty in continuing work on board

Brice Loddé, Richard Pougnet, Anne-Marie Roguedas-Contios, Yves Eusen, Laurence Pougnet, Dominique Jegaden, Jean-Dominique Dewitte, Laurent Misery

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):126-128.

The business case for telemedicine

Chris Henny, Katharine Hartington, Stuart Scott, Agnar Tveiten, Luisa Canals

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):129-135.

Psychological consequences in victims of maritime piracy: the Italian experience

Antonio Rosario Ziello, Rolando Degli Angioli, Angiola Maria Fasanaro, Francesco Amenta

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):136-141.

Prevalence and causes of loss of consciousness in former North Sea occupational divers

Endre Sundal, Ågot Irgens, Kari Troland, Einar Thorsen, Marit Grønning

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):142-147.
TROPICAL MEDICINE Original article

Knowledge and attitudes of Senegalese sailors about HIV/AIDS

Adama Faye, Mame Diarra Faye, Mamadou Makhtar Leye, Ibraima Seck, Anta Tal-Dia

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):148-153.

Recommendations for assessing water quality and safety on board merchant ships

Iolanda Grappasonni, Mario Cocchioni, Rolando Degli Angioli, Andrea Saturnino, Fabio Sibilio, Stefania Scuri, Francesco Amenta

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):154-159.

Survey on food hygiene knowledge on board ships

Iolanda Grappasonni, Donatella Marconi, Fabrizio Mazzucchi, Fabio Petrelli, Stefania Scuri, Francesco Amenta

Original article

IMH 2013;64(3):160-167.

MENHOB — Mental Health on Board 12th International Symposium on Maritime Health Brest, France, June 6, 2013

Maria Jeżewska, Robert T.B. Iversen, Irena Leszczyńska

Conference report / Report

IMH 2013;64(3):168-174.


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