Vol 58, No 1-4 (2007)

Date published: 2010-03-26

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IMH Editors

Letter to the Editor

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):199-200.

Pregnancy at sea - 24th week of gestation is the limit

Eilif Dahl

Other materials agreed with the Editors

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):195-198.

The prevention and management of seafarers’ fatigue: a review

Paul Allen, Emma Wardsworth, Andy Smith

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):167-177.

Norwegian Centre for Maritime Medicine (NCMM)

Alf Magne Horneland

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):178-181.

Telemedical advice in Europe

Aksel Schreiner

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):182-184.

Strategies towards health protection in maritime work environment involving the role of health promotion - an invitation to join in discussion

Irena Leszczyńska, Bogdan Jaremin, Maria Jeżewska

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):185-194.

Divers’ deaths in Split-Dalmatian county, Croatia (Study of cases, 1994-2004)

Marija Definis-Gojanović, Toni Bresković, Davorka Sutlović

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):139-148.

New Polish occupational health and safety regulations for underwater works

Jacek Kot, Zdzisław Sićko

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):149-156.

Equity in Maritime Health and Safety" - presentation of the 9th International Symposium on Maritime Health, Esbjerg, Denmark, 3-6 June 2007

Maria Jeżewska, Bogdan Jaremin, Irena Leszczyńska

Other materials agreed with the Editors

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):201-203.

The XXII World Congress of Apostleship of the sea - the approach to the old and new challenges at maritime work-site

Bogdan Jaremin

Other materials agreed with the Editors

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):204-208.

Fifth European Meeting of the WHO Collaborating Centres in Occupational Health, Buxton, United Kingdom, 14-16 March 2007

Rokho Kim

Other materials agreed with the Editors

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):209-212.

33rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the EUBS, 8-15 September 2007, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):213-215.

SIRC Symposium 2007, Cardiff , 4-5 July 2007

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):216-217.

Mortality from disease among fishermen employed in the UK fishing industry from 1948 to 2005

Stephen E. Roberts, Sarah E. Rodgers, Judy C. Williams

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):15-32.

Transition from open access to quota based fishery management regimes in Alaska increased the safety of operations

Steven E. Hughes, Christopher Woodley

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):33-45.

Fatal accidents in the Islandic fishing fleet 1980-2005

Gudrun Petursdottir, Tryggvi Hjoervar, Hilmar Snorrason

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):47-58.

Dental practice during a world cruise: treatment needs and demands of crew

Bernhard Sobotta, Mike T. John, Ina Nitchke

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):59-69.

Does air conditioning impact on hygienic quality of indoor air on seagoing vessels?

Gabriele Meyer, Bernd-Fred Schepers

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):71-77.

Chemical contamination of potable water in ship tanks

Marcus Oldenburg, Ulf Peter Huesing, Mathias Kalkowski, Xaver Baur, Clara Schleich

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):79-91.

Suspected Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections at sea

Raymond Lucas, Keith Boniface, Karen Roberts, Elisabeth Kane

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):93-102.

Physical activity levels among offshore fleet seafarers

Ingunn Holmen Geving, Kristin Ulven Jorgensen, Maria Suong Le Thi, Mariann Sandsund

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):103-114.

Seafarers’ wives and intermittent husbands – social and psychological impact of a sub-group of Norwegian seafarers’ work schedule on their families

Arne Johan Ulven, Knut Arve Omdal, Henrik Herlov-Nielsen, Agot Irgens, Eilif Dahl

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):115-128.

Health promotion in maritime environment – training of leaders

Maria Jeżewska, Bogdan Jaremin, Irena Leszczyńska

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):129-137.

48th National Anual Meetingof the German Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Hamburg, 12-15 March 2008

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):218-219.

Difficulties in the diagnosis of schistosomiasis in patients of the Departament of Tropical and Parasitic Diseases of the MUG

Jolanta Goljan, Wacław Leszek Nahorski, Iwona Felczak-Korzybska, Agnieszka Wroczyńska, Przemysław Myjak, Andrzej Kotłowski

International Maritime Health 2007;58(1-4):157-165.


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