Vol 59, No 1-4 (2008)

Date published: 2010-03-29

Table of Contents

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34th Annual Scientific Meeting of the EUBS, 3-7 September 2008, Graz, Austria

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

IMH 2008;59(1-4):134-135.

16th International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine (ICHM 2008) Bejing, China

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

IMH 2008;59(1-4):136-137.

Minutes of the session of the Group on Maritime Health

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

IMH 2008;59(1-4):144-146.

Major differences in rates of occupational accidents between different nationalities of seafarers

Henrik L Hansen, Lise H Laursen, Morten Frydberg, Soeren Kristensen

IMH 2008;59(1-4):7-18.

Crew accidents reported during 3 years on a cruise ship

Eilif Dahl, Arne Ulven, Alf Magne Horneland

IMH 2008;59(1-4):19-33.

A survey of occupational health in the Royal Norwegian Navy

Bente E Moen, Vilhelm F Koefoed, Kristin Bondevik, Inger Haukenes

IMH 2008;59(1-4):35-44.

Professional photosensitive eczema of fishermen by contact with bryozoans: Disabling occupational dermatosis

Benedicte Clin, Catherine Stosse-Guevel, Marie-France Marquignon, Laurence Verneuil, Marc Letourneux

IMH 2008;59(1-4):45-52.

Stress in seamen and non seamen employed by the same company

Dominique Jegaden, Brice Lodde, David Lucas, Jean Ariel Bronstein, Michel Feraud, Yves Eusen, Jean Dominique Dewitte

IMH 2008;59(1-4):53-60.

Interpopulation study of medical attendance aboard a cruise ship

Ryszard Tomaszewski, Wacław Leszek Nahorski

IMH 2008;59(1-4):61-68.

Routine and recommended vaccinations for travellers

Ewa Duszczyk, Ewa Talarek

IMH 2008;59(1-4):116-123.

Recompression treatment for decompression illness: 5-year report (2003-2007) from National Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine in Poland

Jacek Kot, Zdzisław Sićko, Maria Michałkiewicz, Edward Lizak, Piotr Góralczyk

IMH 2008;59(1-4):69-80.

First International Congress on Maritime, Tropical and Hyperbaric Medicine, Gdynia, Poland, 4-6 June 2009

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

IMH 2008;59(1-4):147-149.

10th International Symposium on Maritime Health in Goa, India, 23-26 September 2009

IMH Editors

Other materials agreed with the Editors

IMH 2008;59(1-4):150-151.

Seafarers’ fatigue: a review of the recent literature

Paul Allen, Emma Wardsworth, Andy Smith

IMH 2008;59(1-4):81-92.

Work-related stress at sea. Possibilities of research and measures of stress

Irena Leszczyńska, Maria Jeżewska, Bogdan Jaremin

IMH 2008;59(1-4):93-102.

Influenza as a health problem of sea travellers

Aneta Nitch-Osuch

IMH 2008;59(1-4):103-112.

Maritime dermatology

Laurent Misery

IMH 2008;59(1-4):5-7.

Letter of Prof. Baur from Hamburg

IMH Editors

Letter to the Editor

IMH 2008;59(1-4):132-133.


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