Vol 62, No 4 (2010)

Date published: 2011-02-24

Table of Contents

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MARITIME MEDICINE Original articles

Sexual behaviour of Kiribati seafarers: second generation surveillance in 2005 and 2008

Mamao Robate, Tebuka Toatu, Revite Kirition, Gillian Duffy, Lisa Hansen, Tim Bryar

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):195-200.

The organization of STI/HIV risk-taking among long-line fishermen in Bali, Indonesia

I Made Setiawan, Jane H Patten

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):201-208.

HIV infection among sefarers in Croatia

Rosanda Mulić, Pero Vidan, Nikola K Polak

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):209-214.

Prevalence of risky behaviours and determinants of multiple sex partnerhip among male Filipino seafarers

Ofelia P Saniel, Sarah J. De los Reyes

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):215-223.

Cross-sectional survey on the knowledge, attitude and practice of male Filipino seafarers on sexual health

Nicole A Guevara, Pineda M., Dorotan M., Ghimire K. Co M. Guzman A. Postrano L.

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):224-232.

Southern Africa ports as spaces of HIV vulnerability: case studies from South Africa and Namibia

Erin Tansey, NosiphoTheyise, Rosilyne Borland, Haley West

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):233-240.

The decision making process on public health measures related to passenger ships: the example of influenza pandemic 2009

V.A. Mouchtouri, C.L.R. Bartlett, Bogdan Jaremin, G. Nichols, T. Paux, T. Riemer, N. Black, C. Varela-Martinez, C.M. Swaan, C. Schlaich, G. Rachiotis, J. Kremastinou, C. Hadjichristodoulou, from the SHIPSAN TRAINET project

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):241-245.

A study of side-effects of Pandemrix influenza (H1 N1) vaccine on board a Norwegian Naval vessel

Johan Storm Munch, BjØrn Helge Johnsen, Ingelin Birkeland, Morten Finne, Torun Utkilen, Tommy BØe, Gry MjØlhus, Jan Sommerfelt-Pettersen

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):246-250.

Global partnership on HIV and mobile workers in the maritime sector

Nebojša Nikolić

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):189-194.

Conservative treatment of acute appendicitis: an overview

K.H. Wojciechowicz, H.J. Hoffkamp, R.A. van Hulst

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):265-272.

Shift work and age in petroleum offshore industry

Siri Waage, Stale Pallesen. Bente E Moen, BjØrn Bjorvatn

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):251-257.

Perceived learning outcome: The relationship between experience, realism and situation awareness during simulator training

Evelyn-Rose Saus, BjØrn Helge Johnsen, Jarle EidEvelyn-Rose Saus, BjØrn Helge Johnsen, Jarle Eid

International Maritime Health 2010;62(4):258-264.

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