Vol 10, Supp. C (2019)
Case report
Published online: 2019-10-02

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Long-term response on brentuximab vedotin therapy in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma

Andrzej Pluta1, Justyna Gil, Jacek Krzanowski, Sławomir Radwański


Progress in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) treatment has been achieved due to introduction of new diagnostic methods, disease staging, and new therapy implementations. In spite of it, some patients are challenging in diagnostic and therapeutic process. The topic will provide a brief review of 2 young patients with HL who failed to achieve remission following few therapeutic treatment lines. Both of them response has been achieved when brentuximab vedotin was used. Many patients requires up to date new diagnostic methods implementation. Their interpretation is possible only in the context of clinical data.

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Hematology in Clinical Practice